What are the chances of getting a grant?

Even if your project meets the basic criteria, it will most certainly be competing with other very worthwhile community projects. In any given year, and with the limited funds that may be available to the Foundation due to multi-year commitments, a project may be declined.

What are the priorities or funding interests of the Foundation?

The donors intent is to invest strategically in entrepreneurial and innovative programs and resources that provide a "hand up" to those in need in the following general areas: social, educational, health and welfare, and to promote free market economies, public policy and entrepreneurship.

Will it help to have a recognition opportunity?

We are pleased to be recognized in the same way as anyone else making a donation of comparable size, but naming and publicity are not motivating factors. 

What is the deadline to submit my application?

Proposals must be submitted on or before October 30 to be accepted in the current calendar year.

Will my application be acknowledged?

Receipt of the application will not be acknowledged. Only the successful applicants will be notified by mail prior to December 31st.


When will I be notified if my application is accepted?

Funding decisions are typically made in the November 1st. to December 15th period
each year. Grantees will be notified by letter at that time.

Will you respond to individual questions and request for information?

At present an email to the website is the best way to make an enquiry. We will make our best effort to answer your question.